Our Partnerships

You will never change history of any size or scale unless your make the decision to try. Canada is the most inventive and creative nation on earth and as such, our core philosophy is that we can build this nation up and partner with experts, groups and schools with a like minded outlook.

If you are interested in contributing to this vision and becoming a partner of any kind, please drop us a line and contact us.
Partnerships with Industry

A project of this scope and vision requires the development of partnerships with industry experts. From drawing upon segments of industry, we are moving forward in a leadership role in the development of the Super Arrow program.


Partnerships with Schools

Post-Secondary education is vital for industry to draw from highly trained and visionary thinkers. We want to be active in nurturing relationships with universities, institutes and technical schools to eventually draw from a Canadian talent pool of experts.


Partnering with Government

Partnering with the Canadian Government and various Provincial Governments across Canada is a component of our vision. We must work to responsibly move forward in a direction that can and does benefit this country at all stages of development.


Partnering with the RCAF

The RCAF is renowned for its lethality, and as time goes on we will expand upon pre-existing relationship with many wonderful people who serve our country and demonstrate the viability of our work.