We are now entering into a new era of airborne battlespace domination and a vital component to that are UAV’s. The Super Arrow is designed to be the dominant force when deployed due to its extreme super maneuverability, capability, loitering, communications, stealth and weapons capability. As we continue to conduct ourĀ  Research & Development and further refine our work within the custom electronics to provide for intelligent flight control in an autonomous setting, we will post any new information that we deem suitable for release. As time goes on, we intend on proving out our methodology with the 1:8th scale, then move forward with the development of the 1:4, then 1:2 scale with an eventual objective of manufacturing a full scale Super Arrow.

Expert Builders

Within our group, we have expert UAV builders with immense experience within this industry that are enabling us to move forward in a responsible manner to produce hand crafted, true to form, scale aircraft.


Robotics & Systems

We have partnered with a Canadian leader in UAV robotics for our flight control systems and autonomous capability. We are excited about expanding this relationship, pushing and setting new limits of excellence.


Hi Speed

We are dedicated to eventually exploring, clustered, supersonic, high performance, super-maneuverable UAV capability in support of RCAF operations.


Economic Growth

Beaverworks is aggressively pursuing this sector of the industry to stimulate job growth and economic development in the advanced manufacturing area. This new and exciting area is a rapidly developing field of which we plan to be the leader in our area.